33/40 Online Weather Center
James Spann’s Area Forecast
World Weather and Local Weather Forecasts, plus radars, news & weather maps.

Tuscaloosa Climate
Tuscaloosa Geography and Climate

Southeast Regional Climate Center
A climatical calendar of Tuscaloosa from 1971 – 2000.
National Weather Service
The National Weather Service, or NWS, in Birmingham, Alabama, provides a variety of meteorological and hydrological services for parts of north, central, and south Alabama and west central Georgia. In addition, staff meteorologists conduct studies to improve weather forecasts and warnings for these areas.

The Weather Underground
Offers daily and extended area forecast for Tuscaloosa.

The Weather Channel’s
Forecast for Tuscaloosa. The latest weather news from the Weather Channel.

Intellicast Weather Satellite
Satellite photo of current cloud cover over Alabama.


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